2019.41 New Wineskins

Larry Wall emerged, almost like a deus ex machina, to give his approval of changing the name of the Perl 6 Programming Language to “Raku”. This stirred up quite some reactions on the interwebs:

Also see quite some reactions on Twitter below.

London Perl Workshop

Next weekend, on Saturday 19 October, it’s time for the London Perl Workshop again. The following presentations with Perl 6 content appear to have been planned:

An excellent opportunity to learn more about Perl 6 / Raku. And possibly the last time for a pre-Brexit visit to the UK!

Even More Video Tutorials

Yanzhan Yang, a serial tech video uploader, yet again has posted more Perl 6 introductory videos on YouTube:

Getting more amazing every week!

Andrew Shitov

It was a stressful week for Andrew Shitov: at first he was worried about the future of his Perl 6 compiler book. Then, after Larry Wall showed his approval of the renaming, he suggested having a RakuCon in May 2020 on Cyprus at the venue previously intended for the 2020 Perl Conference. Quickly followed by a blog post explaining how he sees the future of Raku, including building a new, faster Raku compiler (/r/perl6 comments). Followed by the publication of the first Raku book: Using Raku and making that available for free download (/r/perl6 comments). And to top it off, produced a little tutorial about the difference between is rw and is raw. Yours truly can only hope that future weeks will be less stressful.

Perl Weekly Challenge #29

Blog posts with Perl 6 solutions for Challenge #29:

Challenge #30 is up for your perusal.

Questions about Perl 6

Meanwhile on Twitter

Meanwhile on Facebook

Thanks to the quickly unrepairable actions of a certain individual outside of the Perl 6 community, the Perl 6 Facebook group has changed all of its URLs and/or is only accessible to people with Facebook logins. And since it is the intention of changing back to the original URLs (which will most likely take a month thanks to Facebook policies), it doesn’t seem to make sense to put deep links here now.

So, if you’re interested in happenings on Facebook, check out the Perl 6 Group, and navigate from there.

Meanwhile on perl6-users

Perl 6 in comments

Perl 6 Modules

New modules:

Updated modules:

Winding Down

The past year has been very stressful for yours truly. And the past week even more so. Some stress will remain in the near future, but it looks like stress levels will be allowed to go down in the further future, with “Perl” and “Raku” each going their own way.

This is the last Perl 6 Weekly that yours truly will write. Next week I will just announce the location of the new Rakudo Weekly blog here.

Why “Rakudo” and not “Raku”, you might ask? Well, originally the “Perl 6 Weekly” was about all implementations of Perl 6. But for the past 4 years, it has effectively been only about the “Rakudo” implementation. Now that “Perl 6” is being renamed to “Raku”, it seems like a good opportunity to not squat on the language name in a blog that is effectively dedicated to a single implementation of the Raku Programming Language.

So see you next week for directions to the new blog!

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