2016.16 A Quick One From Dublin

Didn’t have much time to follow what was going on in the Perl 6 world in the past week while travelling and, more importantly, having some R&R.

Blog Posts

Even though I guess technically, not all entries here could be called blogs, I feel they belong in this list nonetheless. Hope you don’t mind 🙂

Core Developments

  • The utf8-c8 encoding can now reliably be used on random data without crashing.
  • The line number is now mentioned when trying to use a non-existent module.
  • :done and :quit are now handled properly by a Supply given by Proc::Async.
  • AppVeyor (Windows 7 64-bit CI testing) is now supported.
  • Fix of an NPE on rakudo-j when sorting.

Ecosystem Additions

Six Additions by Six People. How appropriate 🙂

Winding Down

More next week!


2 thoughts on “2016.16 A Quick One From Dublin

  1. Quasi-weekly? Last 10 weeks were weekly! 🙂

    utf8-c8 is an encoding you can use if you’re not sure about the validity of your byte-stream. It will try to interprete the given data as UTF-8, but will not die if it encounters something invalid. Instead, it will generate a synthetic codepoint for each byte that cannot be interpreted. This allows you to do regular expressions on these byte-streams, and roundtrip them. This is e.g. used when returning directory entries, of which some OS’s don’t know how they are encoded.

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