2016.27 Summer Starts

With a lot of vacation looming, and many of us celebrating Independence Day (or seeing the Movie of the same title), things appear quiet in the Perl 6 World. Lots of stuff is brewing / simmering though. One of them being the Perl 6 coverage at the YAPC::Europe, which will be held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania from 24 to 26 August. With some extra special Perl 6 Goodies:

Not all of these presentations have been accepted yet, but if you’re logged into Act and you have indicated that you will visit the YAPC::Europe, you can indicate that you want to attend that presentation. This will help the organisers in deciding which presentations to accept!

By the way, if you are logged into Act, you can also indicate your affinity with Perl 6 by adding the perl6.pm Monger Group to Your Information, so you can be found in the Search for Users.

Core Developments

Blog Posts

Not too many this week.


Ecosystem Additions

More than one per day!

Winding Down

Well, that’s it for this week again. Hope I’ll find the time for some backlog gem searching again soon. See you next week!


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