2016.35 A Quick One From Zagreb

Yours truly reporting en route from the YAPC::Europe 2016 in Cluj-Napoca to the Alpine Perl Workshop in Innsbruck. Videos of YAPC::Europe 2016 should be appearing shortly.

Meanwhile in the Far East

Audrey Tang, the original creator of Pugs (an earlier implementation of Perl 6 using Haskell), has been appointed as a minister without portfolio in the Taiwanese government. I think it is safe to say that the entire Perl community wishes her all the best in this new endeavour! Each time one does a spectest, remember that the The Official Perl 6 Test Suite was started as part of the Pugs project!

Core Developments

  • Smartmatching Bag/Mix and eqv has become a lot faster.
  • Calling .grep or .first on a list of Pairs with a Regex now works.
  • Signatures that have both slurpy parameters and defaults, are no longer allowed (they should never have been).
  • The RAKUDO_EXCEPTIONS_HANDLER environment variable can now be set to JSON to have errors appear as a JSON stream on STDERR.
  • Hash.classify now handles Junctions correctly.
  • Control commands such as next and return are no longer allowed at the top level of the REPL.
  • IO::Handle.comb/.split no longer work on handles that were opened in :bin mode (at least until we’ve figured out sustainable semantics of this functionality).
  • IO::Handle.slurp-rest now supports a :close flag that will close the handle if so requested.
  • And of course many other smaller optimizations and (documentation) improvements.

Blog Posts

Ecosystem Additions

Quite a nice crop again this week:

Winding Down

It has been a busy week for yours truly with all the travelling and conference attending and socializing and sleep depriving. I hope I didn’t miss too many important things. If you think I did, let me know and we’ll let the world know the next week. Until then!


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