2016.36 Introdução ao Perl 6

Yet another branch on the excellent tree of Naoum Hankache‘s Perl 6 Introduction translations has materialised thanks to the hard work of Breno de Oliveira! So, if Portuguese is your native tongue, you can get introduced to Perl 6 even easier now.

Perl 6 Modules on CPAN – The PSIXDISTS Experiment

In a few weeks, Matt Trout will be starting the PSIXDISTS Experiment (Reddit) AKA uploading Perl 6 module distributions to PAUSE. The initial phase of this should allow CPAN to be used as a content storage for Perl 6 modules without interfering with any of the systems that use CPAN (such as Meta::CPAN and search.cpan.org). Exciting times!

Core Developments

A relatively quiet week.

  • Arne Skjærholt has finally merged his long running branch that improves on the efficiency of storing precedence on operators.
  • Stefan Seifert yet again came with a bunch of repository / pre-compilation improvements that showed an improvement of 30% upto 8x in some benchmarks.
  • Jonathan Worthington fixed a long-standing bug with regards to missing backtraces for errors in printf.
  • Plus many other smaller bug fixes, improvements in error messages and efficiency improvements.

Blog Posts

Quite a lot of blog posts this week. Not all of them directly related to Perl 6, many of them a result of the YAPC::Europe and the Alpine Perl Workshop. But all interesting nonetheless!

Ecosystem Additions

The Alpine Perl Workshop saw some people starting on implementing Perl 6 modules. Looking forward to seeing them appear in the ecosystem in the coming weeks!

Winding Down

It’s been an interesting week yet again. If yours truly now only could find the time to have some vacation 🙂

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