2016.37 Warmen Up Das YouTuben!

This week saw the uploading of quite some Perl 6 related videos. From the YAPC::Europe:

And from the Alpine Perl Workshop (all English spoken unless otherwise indicated):

And some stragglers from the German Perl Workshop that also got uploaded last week:

Further Funding of Jonathan Worthington

After Jonathan Worthington delivered his Rakudo Performance and Reliability Grant Progress Report, he has asked for an extension of the grant from the Perl 6 Core Development Fund, for another 200 hours of work. Yours truly fully supports this idea, as apparently do many other from the looks of the comments 🙂 Please feel free to add your comment!

Core Developments

  • Stefan Seifert provided many improvements in pre-compilation and module loading, making loading of modules a lot faster. A fact that also shows up in the infamous test-t benchmark (now below 7 seconds, down from 257 seconds in October 2014, and down from 13 seconds since last Christmas).
  • Timo Paulssen speeded up path parsing logic, making the opening of files a lot faster in the case of simple path specifications.
  • Jonathan Worthington fixed various issues with reading chars from an async socket (uncatchable exceptions on decode errors, and mis-handling of graphemes and multi-byte sequences over packet boundaries).
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen improved the efficiency of several functions: Junction.Bool (2x), Junction.ACCEPTS (2x), permutations(n) (5x), List.permutations (40x), combinations(n,k) (1.8x) and List.combinations(n) (7x).
  • Zoffix Znet made sure that all possible quote pairs now work everywhere in Perl 6. He also blogged about this.
  • Daniel Green fixed numification of non-ASCII tokens in regexen and grammars.
  • Christian Bartolomäus fixed several issues specific to the JVM backend.
  • TimToady fixed an issue with variable lookup inside quotes.

Blog Posts

Only the one this week, looks like everybody was recovering from the conference season, or was trying to catch up with the videos? But what a blog post it is!

Ecosystem Additions

A nice batch.

Winding down

Seems to me we got a nice batch of core improvements in the past week, and plenty to watch as well. Be sure to tune in again next week!


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