2016.41 The Answer Is Near

Next week, everything will become clear. Otherwise, the past week felt like a slow week. I guess I should stop playing debate-bingo.

Core developments

  • Zoffix Znet made the Exception that is thrown when no matching candidate is found in a multi-dispatch, MMA (Much More Awesome). He also fixed many other errors.
  • Elizabeth Mattijsen made dir() about 20% faster. She also made use lib 'dir' more than 20x faster, which is especially important if the 'dir' is actually a large directory structure. Finally, she also fixed an easter egg.
  • Dominique Dumont has done a lot of work creating Debian packages of Rakudo Perl 6 and its dependencies.
  • cygx made sure that Enums will smartmatch correctly with the roles that they do.
  • Christian Bartolomäus and Pepe Schwarz continued their work on fixing stuff on the JVM backend.
  • Tobias Leich fixed many problems with NativeCall, amongst one that now allows the use of NativeCall on the Raspberry Pi.
  • Daniel Green worked on replacing low-level BOOTSTRAPATTRs by more high-level Attributes to allow for better manipulexity.

Blog Posts

Ecosystem Additions

Only 3 this week 😦

Winding Down

As I said, a slow week. This coming weekend we will see another release of Rakudo Perl 6 again. With a ChangeLog of 58 items already, it’s looking up to be a nice one again! And of course, don’t forget to work on your Pull Requests for the Hacktoberfest!


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